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March's Instagram Round Up

Take a peek at some of our favorite posts from brides, guests & vendors from March's Events.

For your chance to be featured on our blog, be sure to tag us with #luminousevents and/or @luminousevents!

This month's photos come from:

1. Lulabelle Weddings - with the champagne walls repurposed with king cake on a stick favors!

2. Satchel Events - how gorgeous are the colors in those florals from Doris Ione?! And the cut glass votive, proving how beautiful a dressed up clear votive can be

3. Mint Julep Productions- with a stunning ceremony photo from Il Mercato

4. Leslie Campbell - showcasing our Ice Cream Cart used for delicious snacks!

5. Herbivore Floral Design - with a great room shot from this weekend at The Gallery at The Chicory

6. Kimberly - sharing one of her favorite moments from her wedding day!

7. Matt Diaz - and friends at the Herbivore Anniversary Party!

8. Kelly Sherlock Events - showing off a beautiful table scape at The Roosevelt

9. Carats & Cake - A feature of a beautiful Race & Religious wedding with Mint Julep & Poppy and Mint.

Props to the friends & family of Hannah & Alex - they get their own little section of the roundup for being such good insta posters!!

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