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Top 5 Reasons To Focus Budget $ on the Dance Floor

Budget is something that every couple planning their wedding has to consider. It doesn't matter if your budget is $10,000 or $100,000, you have to pick and choose how and where to spend your money. It's always important to us to hear from our clients in the early phases of planning what's most important to them, of course food and beverage are at the top, and decor is right there with it!!

When we begin the design process with our couples, we include absolutely everything they think they want for decorating their celebration and then often sculpt, trim, and narrow the focus to reach the desired budget. While doing this, we always encourage couples not to forget about their dance floor! Below are our top 5 reasons to focus a portion of your decor budget on that key area!

1. Creating A Beautiful Space for the Band or DJ - Let's face it, good music sets the tone for the event. Your guests are going to remember your wedding fondly if they enjoyed themselves, which generally means - they ate well, drank copiously, and danced all night. So, many couples choose to spend a good chunk of their budget on the music. That great experience is all the more enhanced when you surround your band or DJ with beautiful decor. Unfortunately, bands and DJs come with lots of not so pretty "stuff" and we love coming up with ways to mask the equipment and leave a gorgeous area in its place!

2. Heart of the Party - Creating a space where everyone wants to hang out will breathe life and energy into your celebration. A dance floor is the natural gathering place, but a beautiful dance floor pulls the folks stuck to their chairs to the action too! A newlywed couple surrounded by all their excited and happy friends and family is the best part of the wedding!

Venue: Ursuline Convent - photo borrowed from Instagram!

3. Special Dances & Traditions - If you list out the "traditions" that generally happen at a wedding reception (ie: First Dance, Bride & her dad dance, Groom & his mom dance, speeches, cake cutting, garter & bouquet toss, special exit) 6 out of 8 of those happen on the dance floor! You will cherish the photos of those special traditions and should have a space just as beautiful as the moments themselves.

4. Memorable moments - when our couples get their photos back from the photographer, there are usually an easy 100 photos just of their family and friends breaking it down on the dance floor and having the best time EVER! These are the memories that you'll love sharing on Instagram, putting in photo albums, and hanging on your walls. All the better when they look like art because you created an incredible space to be photographed.

5. Most photographed area after the ceremony space - as you have likely gathered from the first 4 reasons, your dance floor will be photographed A LOT. So much so in fact, that we consider it the most photographed area of your wedding after the ceremony. So for all the special moments, amazing memories, and so on - be sure your photographs have an unforgettable background to make every moment even sweeter.


Our Pieces Represented Above:

  • Boxwood Hedge Walls for DJ backdrop, Stage Backs & Fronts

  • Floral Box Stage Fronts

  • Custom Neon Signs

  • Ivory with Gold Trim Stage Fronts & Backs

  • Festoon String Lighting

  • Chandeliers

  • Hanging Bubbles

  • Gold & Stained Wood Plank Walls

  • Uplighting

  • Candle Decor

  • Draping

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