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January's Instagram Round Up

Take a peek at some of our favorite posts from brides, guests & vendors from January's Events.

For your chance to be featured on our blog, be sure to tag us with #luminousevents and/or @luminousevents!

This month's photos come from:

1. Elyse Jennings Weddings - featuring our amazing new gold & wood backdrops and a custom neon sign at our collaboration at Ursuline Convent.

2. Lane Grigas showing off her incredible painting of the Ursuline Convent Wedding!!

3. Michelle Norwood Weddings - featuring a beautiful courtyard wedding at Brennan's!

4. Herbivore Floral Design's shot of the set up of Kelsey & Jaeques' ceremony.

5. GK Photograph's sneak peak of Kelsey & Jaeques' wedding day.

6. Shay cheesing in front of the same beautiful entryway at the Chicory!

7. Laura - a simple but gorgeous dinner at The Parlor in the Pontchartrain Hotel

8. Austyn-Marie Captures - featuring a beautiful festoon string light installation at Stella Plantation

9. TJ from B Street Benny showing off their stage set up and our fabulous bubble candles at The Chicory!

Such a wonderful start to the year! We can't wait to see you all enjoying our work throughout the rest of 2019!!

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