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February's Instagram Round Up

Take a peek at some of our favorite posts from brides, guests & vendors from February's Events.

For your chance to be featured on our blog, be sure to tag us with #luminousevents and/or @luminousevents!

This month's photos come from:

1. Kelly Sherlock Events - Showing off her "Bead Dog" purse caught when Lisa rode in Nyx

2. Spera Special Events - throwing it back to a beautiful rain plan at NOMA

3. The Parlor - showing us Brittany's rocking reception dress

4. New Orleans Weddings - showing off a beautiful photoshoot at the New Orleans Board of Trade

5. & 6. @Kri_gore - sharing AMAZING party pics from her wedding day!!

7. Kristen Schneck of NOLA Live Painting - our cake backdrop at the Chicory

8. Brent - just a few wedding pros on their way to see CHER!

9. Creative Images NOLA - with a sneak peek from the Chicory

Such a wonderful start to the year! We can't wait to see you all enjoying our work throughout the rest of 2019!!

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