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February's Featured Items

Each month we send a newsletter with our featured items from our ever growing inventory. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for the first look at our new collections!

Gold & Wood

Our new gold & dark stained wood paneled walls are stunning! Pieces can be 8x8' or 8' wide by 4' tall. Can be used to transform outdoor space, as a backdrop for signage, bar backs, and so much more. 


Our first ever rentable neon sign. We have been creating custom signs for our clients for many years, but are so excited to start collecting phrases available for rent! Cheers!

Barrel Covers

Tired of looking at ugly water barrels on the edges of your tent? We're thrilled with this solution! Beautiful dark stained boxes cover the unsightly barrels and create an extra "highboy" for guests!

Jute Chandys

Our new bamboo/jute chandeliers are one of our favorite new items. We've mixed them together with plaids, geometrics, and pretty much any combo we can dream up. They look fabulous everytime. 

Emerald Sofas

Forgive our warehouse shot of this new item, we're just SO excited to share it! We have 4 of these emerald beauties! They are ready and willing to be the jewel of your next event. 

Rose Gold

Our new rose gold square lanterns are a touch modern and all kinds of fabulous. We love them solo or paired with florals. The rose gold is subtle and can read as gold or copper in dimmer areas. 

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