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Real Wedding - Natalie & Matt

Natalie & Matt were married in Natalie's parent's back yard! We helped them create a beautiful ceremony space and incredible reception! Read more about Natalie's thoughts on planning, lighting, and her adorable dog!

What was the most memorable part of the wedding planning process? "The most memorable part of the wedding planning process was meeting with my vendors, discussing ideas, and the excitement that came from seeing the vision for my wedding day take shape.  It was so fun to brainstorm ideas with event professionals who so easily understood what we were looking for, and who contributed their own awesome ideas to make it even better.  The wedding planning process is stressful, but I found that once I met with my vendors, a lot of the stress evaporated.  I realized I was working with professionals who knew what they were doing, and they were going to do an amazing job!" 

Why did you choose your backyard for your big day? "I’ve been to many weddings, and while all have been beautiful, the one that stuck out to me was a similar intimate backyard wedding.  I felt that the setting gave the wedding such a personalized touch, and allowed the couples’ love and commitment to one another to be center stage.  They were able to have the ceremony the way they wanted, say the things they wanted to say to each other, and celebrate with their closest friends and family literally “in their own backyard.”  I realized that my parents’ house would be the perfect setting for a similar backyard wedding because of its big expanse of green space.  I also realized that this way, I could incorporate the apple of my eye, my puppy, into my big day!  It was my house, so it was my rules!  The venue choice gave us a lot of flexibility to do things however we wanted without having to follow an event venue’s rules.  It’s also now so special to have the memories of my wedding day in the home I grew up in."

Why was decor & lighting important for your wedding aesthetic?  "Décor and lighting was EVERYTHING to my wedding aesthetic!  We were attempting to turn a big space of nothing but grass into a wedding venue.  That required décor, lighting, candles, flowers, etc. to make what was just a big stretch of lawn into a beautiful wedding venue.  The lighting and décor transformed the ceremony space and the tent to make these blank canvases into the wedding of our dreams."

Did you enjoy the design process with the Luminous team? "The design process with Luminous was FUN and EASY!  We met with Lisa at the warehouse and she showed us the various lighting options, as well as many of the other décor items Luminous offers its clients.  We didn’t even have time to be overwhelmed because Lisa asked us questions about our vision, and was able to point out all of the things that she knew we would love and that she knew would look great at our venue.  In addition to lighting and candles, we used gorgeous pillars, candelabra, and a hedge wall from Luminous to design the perfect ceremony space.  These were all based on Lisa’s ideas and our brainstorming session with her.  The initial meeting at the warehouse was so productive.  In addition to this, Luminous made several trips to our house, the wedding venue, to make sure everything would be perfect and all details would be accounted for."


What is your favorite memory from wedding day? "So many great memories come to mind, it’s hard to choose!  I had so much fun getting ready at the house with my mom and bridesmaids.  Being in the comfort of my own home made me less nervous than I probably would have been if we had the wedding somewhere else.  I laugh when I think of how my puppy kept hopping into every single photo the photographers tried to take.  I have great memories of waiting inside with my dad while the guests filtered into the yard, and my dad and I were peeking out of the window watching everyone arrive.  I would say that my favorite memory, though, came during our first look and our ceremony.  My husband had always told me he would never cry at our wedding because he just wasn’t a crier.  I knew he would be happy to see me, but I wasn’t expecting any emotion other than that.  But during our first look, he burst into tears.  He cried again during the ceremony when saying his vows.  It was just unexpected to see him get so emotional, and it was really cute."

Do you remember what you were thinking when you saw the completed reception space for the first time? "I was obsessed with the completed reception space!  I was blown away that this huge beautiful tent was in my yard.  It felt like I was somewhere else entirely.  The entire space was totally transformed.  It was amazing."

What advice would you give to other couples trying to plan their big day? "I would say, if it’s feasible, hire a wedding planner that knows the best vendors personally and can set you up meetings with them right away.  Once your vendors fall into place, the whole wedding falls into place.  And for your lighting, candles, and other décor, that vendor should most definitely be Luminous!"

What's next for the new Mr. and Mrs?! "Matt and I are living in our new house with our little pup.  We love our new house, and we are loving married life!  The adjustment has been a little tough on me in terms of my dog’s loyalty, because now she is obsessed with her dad and chooses him over me a lot.  But other than that, the Dawsons are doing great!"   

Natalie's review of Luminous on The Knot: "Luminous was wonderful! They were able to pick up on our vision for our wedding day within minutes of the first meeting. Once I met with them, much of the stress of planning a wedding vanished because I knew they were going to be able to execute the vision and give me the beautiful wedding I dreamed of. Everything turned out more beautiful than I could have expected. Luminous brought in candles, lanterns, uplighting, chandeliers, and even the custom hedge wall background for my wedding ceremony. They were all so beautiful and such an integral part to creating my dream wedding! I can't recommend them highly enough."


Vendor Love:

Lighting & Decor: Luminous Events @luminousevents

Tent & Rentals: Gulf Coast Tent @gulfcoasttent

Venue: Private Home


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