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November's Instagram Round Up

Caroline LOVES checking Instagram to see what photos the guests post of our decor! To celebrate that, we've decided to do a monthly Instagram Round Up to highlight the best of them! For your chance to be featured on our blog, be sure to tag us with #luminousevents and/or @luminousevents!

This month's photos come from:

1. Marche - featuring our Champagne Wall at Jazmin & Taylor's wedding.

2. Southern Hotel - featuring lighting and lounges at Mackenzie & JP's wedding.

3. Sonny Lee - at the Son of a Saint Gala featuring our crystal candelabras & crystal candlesticks (along with hedge wall set & repeat - check #soasgala2018 for more photos).

4. NACE New Orleans - featuring our Donut Wall at Brunch After Dark

5. Heather Truett - featuring our Candle Walls at the Board of Trade

6. Belle Soiree - featuring an anniversary post from Abby & Kane's wedding at Bevolo Gas & Electric

7. Natasha K - featuring our Hedge & Crystal Chandeliers and table decor at Stella Plantation for Mary Beth & Carey's wedding

8. Blue Gardenia - featuring ceremony decor from Sibyl & Charles' wedding.

9. Arnaud's - featuring 70+ paper lanterns & a custom bar front on our acrylic & gold bars for their 100th Birthday party celebration!

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